Bayleigh Taunt is a Moving Ambassador for Move Buddies. Move Buddies loves their Moving Ambassador and Bayleigh is our lead person. Its not that easy, there is allot of detail to take in when going over a move with a Customer.


As a Move Ambassador at Move Buddies there are several tasks to which I tend to. First and foremost, The Customer, from the time they submit a request for quote to the successful delivery of their house hold goods, I am the main point of contact. So the customer can feel more secure knowing that they will be able to talk to the same person and never have to repeat their questions or concerns.

Secondly As the Move Ambassador, I tend directly to scheduling of each and every move appointment. This also gives the customer additional piece of mind, because there is little to NO chance of a scheduling conflict. I am also responsible for keeping the customers personal information safe and secure, from their name and address to their payment information, everything is kept under lock and key.

Last But certainly not least, I  handle any and all follow ups. After each move is completed I contact the customer to inquire upon their service, level of satisfaction, and to make sure that everything went smooth and efficient. After each quote, I send an email with all the details and information to the customer as well as schedule a time to give them a call back once they have looked over everything and are satisfied with their quote. After all, here at Move Buddies, We Love to Talk Moving.