Moving Blankets, Padding, Disposable Pads or one of they many other likewise protection padding’s needs to be discussed. No matter whether you are doing your move yourself or hiring a professional moving company to move your items, blankets, are essential in making sure your hard earned belongings are protected.

The first sign of a bad mover. Little or no moving blankets on their truck. as a rule of thumb, professional movers should have a minimum of 12 blankets for every three feet of truck space. If your mover arrives and the truck looks a little short on padding, stop the move immediately, pay your cancellation fee and get on the phone with a real true Professional Mover. Most likely if a mover does not have proper amount of moving blankets on their truck, they most likely do not have any insurance or valuation too cover the damage that will happen when they move you. Notice I said when and not if. There is not the slightest chance your furniture will not get damaged when you use a mover that does not have enough or any moving blankets on their truck.

Move Buddies moving blankets

Move Buddies moving blankets

Move blankets should be applied in a manner that is neat and clean. Corners should fold correctly. There should be no exposed finished surfaces. One of the main objectives of using moving blankets or padding is too make sure that no finished surfaces, (or any surfaces for that matter) , have any contact outside the padding. Stretch wrap is the recommended way of securing your blankets. This gives little chance of the blanket moving and offers the ultimate protection. Some movers may use tape and use the tension of the tape to hold the blanket in place. Other movers use moving bands to secure the blankets. Lots of larger van lines are big on the bands to help reduce costs.

If you are doing your own move, (IE loading a moving rental truck or portable storage unit), you pay be able to rent blankets from the vendor. If blankets are not available, which usually happens in the summer months due to the demands of the season. Disposable 3 Ply Paper Pads may be your next best options. These disposable pads are typically applied using the moving tape method. All the corners should still be folded neatly. There are lots of benefits to applying tape on the paper pads. One is too reduce the costs that can be added with stretch wrap. Lots of do it yourself movers have a budget in mind that they are trying to stick with. One thing too remember is the devices need to be returned clean so you will need a place to put all the trash when you remove the paper pads from your furniture.

Please remember no matter how you are moving. Having moving blankets is just important as having the truck . Protecting your hard earned belongings should always be priority at all time whether you are moving yourself or hiring someone to complete the move for you.