The standard I Phone Morning alarm starts ringing loud. My body aches from the day before. We had two moves yesterday, one was third floor to third floor and the second one had all their furniture custom made in a granite quarry, or so it seemed.

I get up and stretch and start getting my mind right. As I make my way to work before 7am I feel good that I have missed a majority of the traffic. This is one of the main reasons we start so early, not only to beat the heat , but beat sitting in traffic in a truck that weighs 10,000 lbs and takes up 6 lanes in traffic. It can be a little stressful in the morning creep.

As I pull into the office at 7 am , I can see the rest of the Move Team getting ready for the days. One stretches another is loading blankets into the back of the truck. I check my truck to make sure it is safe to go and then give the oil a peep as well. After I slam down the massive hood and secure it with the binding rubber straps I pull up my schedule for the day.

Looks like a smaller move in downtown Charleston. I pull up the address on Google Earth and take a 3D look at my quest of the day. Not to bad, a little bit of a long carry, but nothing compared to what I slayed out yesterday.

I call my Customer, but get no answer, she is probably getting ready for the move. I send a friendly text message letting her know I am on the way.

When we arrive, parking is rough, our Customer is a Rock Star and blocked off Parking for us the night before.  The move is pretty basic, maybe a little more boxes than normal for a two bedroom , but I am not phased. There are a few stairs leading up to the front of the house, but other than that it is pretty cut and dry. We have a sectional that ends up being a little tricky, but it all works out with a little ingenuity and some rope. The Customer looked relieved and then she told me the horrible story on the movers she used to move in and how it took them forever and they ripped the couch some.

I call into dispatch to relieve myself from job. We double check there is no trash in the truck, lock up the doors and swing by the gas station for some hot dogs and diesels. WE get back to the shop we are the first ones in. My guys get out and spot me as I back into my designated parking spot. Another good day at work. Another good day being a mover for Move Buddies.