The times have changed. The times have changed drastically. In the 1970s the average person moved 4 times in their lifetime. Flash ahead a half of century and that same average person will move up to 12 times in their life time. Thats right, the average person moves three times as many times now then we did when our parents were in their prime.

With that said, moving as a whole has changed quite a bit as well. In fact in the 1970s U-haul was about the only option. Penske Trucks was just coming into the picture and Budget Trucks believe or it not did come around until 1998. Nowadays we have PODS, Uboxes, and of course all the big van lines are still dominating relocation in the U.S..

Since the average person can spend tens of thousands of dollars over their lifetime in moving services, you can really start planning ahead and shave thousands of dollars off the relocation costs in your lifetime. Here are a few tips to help you achieve the savings:

Save your packing boxes. If you have the room, save as many original cartons as possible. This will increase the lifetime of these appliances and more. Things like flat screen televisions can cost up to 100.00 per move to crate or box depending on the type of service.

Plastic containers rock! Not only are they great for pre-labeling and staying organized. For instance I have orange plastic totes for Halloween and read totes with green tops for all our Christmas supplies. (Since I put 15,000 Christmas lights on my home last year I have over 25 of these totes stacked neatly on shelves in my garage.  These containers also cut down on Environmental waste as well as help you save money and frustration. Plus it becomes a quicker process over the years since all the totes are organized and labeled which makes it easier too move each time.

Don’t be scared to do it yourself. The one thing that made do it yourself moving so popular over the last decades is that Consumers are more experienced and groomed with the moving process. This makes it easier for them to understand the logistics and plan out the things that tend to go wrong. If you are comfortable driving your own moving rental truck and hiring moving labor on both side of your move then you can save hundreds or even thousands per move.

Live light. Not only does having less to move mean you have already saved in spending you will also have less to move which will costs less money. Living light is a great way to go. Its great for the environment, your wallet and your back!

One thing no one had in the 70s was Google. Research is the best way to save money on your move. You want to make sure you are hiring reputable movers that are local and willing to provide great services at a comfortable rate. Don’t skimp and hiring rouge movers.

These tips are meant to help guide you through years and years of moving. Hopefully your first Mover will be your only mover you ever use and that will save a lifetime of headaches as well.