Movers in Summerville South Carolina

Movers in Summerville South Carolina

When I moved from the North to the South over 15 years ago, I originally moved to Charleston South Carolina. After a few years in Charleston and a rent that was twice what I am paying now for half the space I have now. As my wife and I got a little older and the restless nights of the downtown traffic started to wear , we had a little outside of town and ended up in beautiful Summerville South Carolina.

There is so much to love about Summerville, (except the morning commute down 26 if you have to head that way between 7am-9am and 5pm-7pm. From the beautiful Azaleas that populate the landscape right up to my front door too the original birth place of sweet tea, (which being a Yankee is something I had no prior knowledge of).

Summerville is home to the Green Wave High school where all through football season every Friday night a stream of light shines straight out of the town as we all gather to cheer on our favorite big local stars. There are also plenty of great religious local private schools and of course the infamous Pinewood Prep. My son attends a smaller private Christian school which we have all grown to love over the years.

The crime in Summerville is low compared with other neighborhoods through the greater Charleston South Carolina. We have lived in several parts of Summerville over the years and each part of town really has its own luxury.

Then of course we have the wonderful Sawmill Branch Trail which offers 10 miles of paved beautiful routes along Berlin G Myers and down through. The trail offers locals a quiet and safe get away to commute by bike to work or for recreation.

We have lots of great neighborhoods. Our newest and biggest edition would be Nexton , and then of course we have Can Bay, The Legends, The Ponds and Weatherstone. There are many more great neighborhoods but this seems where you will find a majority of hardworking folks with great lives in town.

The Ponds is great with a YMCA at the mouth of the community. It supports five separate water features and a very “athletic feel” to it. I tend to favor this area a little more since my son and daughter have been regular attendees of sport training events there over the years.

Of course every year we have the Flower town festival which is a wonderful local celebration during bridge run week that shares the lives of vendors and residents along with plenty of the outside world as the marvel at our local trinkets and gorgeous petals in full bloom on the Azalea.

Summerville is growing fast. It was recently listed as the fourth largest city in South Carolina. Thats pretty impressive from were it was a decade ago. I have learned to naturally call Summerville, South Carolina home. And as I should , I live, work and enjoy a wonderful life with my family here. I have been all over the Tri-County area and I can assure you, Summerille, is where it is at.