OK, Did the headline of this Blog Post catch your attention. Good it should have. I am seriously going to show you how you can cut costs and save up to $1000.00 or more on your next interstate move.

Save money with Move Buddies

Save money with Move Buddies

  1. Throw it away! Yes, the first and best spot to start with the highest margin of savings would be throwing out the junk. Throwing out the half empty paint cans, waterbed you never repaired, the wood you never use, the extra Christmas tree and all the many other extra odds and ends you have lying around the house. You would not believe how quick just a little bit of stuff can cost you too move. For example based on a move from Charleston, South Carolina to Savannah, Georgia, here is what you could save by just throwing out a little junk.

4 Boxes of books      6 cuft

2 Patio Chairs           6 cuft

4 Trashbags of old paperwork       6 cuft

Tire in garage                            1.5 cuft

2 Old almost dead plants          3 CUFT

1 Cardboard desk 10 years old  5 cuft

Just clearing out the above on a move from Charleston South to Savannah Georgia will save $211.00. That seems like a great place to start with savings.

2. Always get a Binding Not To Exceed Estimate and always declutter your home before having the Moving Estimator over to discuss pricing. Then invite your mover over to give you a price. If your mover will not come by your home or says they do not offer in home estimates then run. It is Federal Law that movers must come in your home and give you an estimate for any moves crossing state lines.

3. Take things like plants, fragile and jewelry on your own. Not because you cant trust your movers, but because it is important to know that these items usually have the lowest payout or no payout with insurance claims. (Can you find the receipt to the ring that has been in your family for 200 years?)

4. Yard Sale- Its a little like your mom and dad used too do, but having a yard sale is a great way to save on moving costs and also raise some money for your move. Things like this are extremely important.

So try a few of these tricks to help save on the costs of moving. And plan ahead for the incidentals. If you are packing your own boxes then you should look on Craigslist or other local online classifieds for free moving boxes. This alone can be the biggest tip to saving 1000.00 right off the bat.