How many of you have asked your friends to help you move?  How many of you have been asked yourself?  I know I have.

I know, you know, what I am talking about…that painful, dreadful, awful moment when you either ask or have been asked… “So any chance you’d want to help me move?  I’ll throw in pizza and beer?”

If you are a smart “asker”, before you ask that question you set your friends up for failure, “hey, you busy on Saturday, Oct. 3?”… “You’re not? You sure? Awesome, any chance I could talk you into helping me move?”

If your friends are smart they will quickly and conveniently remember that they have to wash their hair that day or that they really shouldn’t lift heavy objects because of that pesky “old high school injury”, or they manage a way to start talking about the cold that they predict will be upon them come your moving day.  And can you blame them?

Then comes the hard hitting negotiations from your end, “we can start at whatever time you like”.  “It should only take a few hours, promise!”  “I will owe you big time!”  But DO NOT FALL FOR THAT!  Don’t be conned into it my friends.  Don’t be afraid of that almighty two letter word…NO.

The reality is that most people know moving can be expensive. If you don’t have a ton of money to move, getting strategic and recruiting all of your friends to aide with the load is a smart way to go…but is it fair?

There are ways to work around a costly moving bill yet to still get needed help and assistance without tapping into your friends. How you may ask?  Move Buddies to the rescue!  That is right, with Move Buddies it is finally okay to ask you Buddies to move you. Our highly trained team of moving experts love what they do.  Not only do they enjoy their job, they enjoy getting to know you on your move day!  They know their job is to make what can be a stressful experience a little more enjoyable.

So to cut down on costs start with the basics…throw out what you don’t need and organize what you do!  When movers show up and everything is literally ready to be loaded they can move a lot faster!

Don’t sweat the small stuff…if you are on a limited time table or budget plan, have your moving team focus on the larger items that you can’t get on your own.

Remind yourself of your own timetable! Remember if you ask your Move Buddies team to do additional tasks along the way they will gladly do them, but it will add to your bottom line…so prioritize!

Now, imagine this, Move Buddies just loads the last box off of the truck into you new home.  It’s 11:00 a.m.  All of your friends that you had pleaded with to help you move begin to arrive, and guess what?  It’s all done!  The work is all done!  Watch as the smiles slowly start to stretch across their faces and all of the sudden their “high school injury” ridden bodies bounce back to perfect condition!  You have just reminded them why they enjoy being your buddy…you are full of surprises.  My guess is that at this point you can now talk them into buying you that pizza and beer!

And Voila!  You have experienced the joy of a Move Buddies move.

This dream can be a reality…Simply give us a call.  Our Move Ambassadors can’t wait to help you.

Happy Moving!

Savannah:  1-912-208-5001

Charleston:  1-843-972-9039