Its never easy moving. Long days, hard work and so many uncontrollable variables that it seems wiser to plan in the moment than rather plan ahead.

As I arrive at the shop, fresh caffeine in hand I begin to check my truck for the various tools to get the job done.



Stretch wrap….check

Safety inspection…..check

Driver log…..check

Fuel out….check

Team here…..checkTeam

A little laundry list before the rubber hits the road.

Not that the rubber hits the road hard. Its starting to drizzle and a downed traffic signal has traffic already in an early morning snare. The only thing moving at the moment is my twelve thousand pound truck slowly.

We arrive at the challenge of the day. I saw earlier on Google Maps that the home was large, the magnificent is much more grand as we pull into the driveway. My first thought when I see the home is that we are understaffed and seriously under trucked.

I brake my truck around getting into a good position to back up close to Customers home. My teammates guide me slowly backwards down the last two or three hundred feet of concrete drive. I catch a glance of the Customer in the rear view as the truck releases its air brake gasp.

The customer introduces herself as Monica and ask immediately if the truck is to big. I give a slight giggle saying I think it might be the exact opposite.

The rest of the crew starts getting the floor and door protection in place for what seems is going to be a long day or moving. At this time the customer leads me upstairs to a far back room (F.R.O.G- FYI:Front Room Of Garage)

2014-05-16 14.51.48

As reach the door of the frog and it opens , it has obviously been set up as as a small apartment. Two and two come together about the move as the customer and I start to walking around and I get more information on the move. Just this room, that is all that is going and a few items in the garage that have been stored there for the last year. We are just moving her an hour outside of town.

The move goes off without a hitch. We stretch wrap and blanket everything in Stacey’ s mansion apartment before loading up everything and the boxes and heading too the new place. After a few hours of prepping and loading we make one final walk through with the Customer. A few loose items are added into the mix and the team and I lock up the back of the truck before starting the drive to the new place on the other side of town.

The move is over by one o’clock.  Not quite the day I was expecting at 7am this morning, but nonetheless , Stacey is moved and happy and everything and everyone got moved from point A to point B safe. Maybe tomorrow will be that big move, but I got a little relief on todays.