Moving has it stresses. finding a new home, selling the old, new schools, pacing, interviewing movers, handyman and painters. The list goes on and on and is relentless to the end. Over my years I have seen several common forgotten items that can be the make or break between more or less headaches when moving.

  1. Your garage door clickers. Its easy as pie to forget these little devices. Typically they have been living on the sun visor of your car for the last few years. It is important to make sure you have the right garage door opener for your new place and have returned the garage opener for your old place. Things such as treadmills, appliances and more can be tricky and may need a wider access point such as the garage door. Plus it is a huge piece of mind item.
  2. Where is the mail? Its a big one.  Forwarding you mail should be scheduled a minimum of 10 days in advance of your move. The United States Postal Office has made it easy with this form. You can pick the date the mail starts forwarding, the address it will be going too and the frequency of the deliveries. The United States Postal Service offers mail forwarding services for up 1 year, but you will have to renew this service one time before the 6 month mark to continue for a full year. It is wise to hang onto every empty envelope and mark on the front of each envelope confirmed addresses changes.
  3. Dry Cleaning. Its an easy one to forget in the midst of all the chaos. Don’t forget about your last drop off at the local cleaners. If your moving close by, ask for a referral to a reputable dry cleaner in the new area you are relocating too. If not use great platforms such as Yelp to look for a new cleaner by your new home.
  4. Extra keys. Check under the mats, in the fake rock by the azaleas or with Mr. Wilson next door. Make sure you have all you spare keys rounded up and returned to the new owner.
  5. Interviewing movers.  When hiring a mover, don’t wait until the last month. a general rule of thumb is when you decide your moving, call a local reputable company that has a great reputation. Take your time looking through various platforms such as Yelp, Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau. Ask to meet with your mover in person and too make sure that you ask for references and proof of insurance. Don’t be intimidated to ask the right questions, your are entrusting them with everything you have worked for.

Taking the time to address these top five things before your move will make the general headaches associated with moving disappear. Take your time, plan and follow through for a much smoother moving experience.  Not having lost keys, used  bad movers, lost  your mail and not being able to find your garage door opener will make all the difference in your move.