OK, the new job offer came in. Looks like it is going to be worth the move. Your total relocation funds for the move part of your Employee Relocation Package is 2800.00.

You start getting the plans together and start crawling the internet for a mover to come by and get you a price. Two of the move estimators show up, (two never show, call or email) and do a very detailed walk through of your home.  It seems like both estimators are pretty close. Almost 400 miles from Charleston, South Carolina to Washington D.C.. You will pack your own boxes after a quick pre-discussion estimate seems like half of your relocation budget could get eaten up on just packing alone.

So 2 bedrooms, the small upright piano in the foyer and the items in your condos garage where you have things lining the wall from the last home you sold before this move. Seems like your move will consist of 3 movers and a 26′ truck. Picking up day one and delivering on day 3. Seems pretty standard. Then the price comes in at 4,500.00 and 4,800.00.

Your jaw drops at the difference between you relocation offer from the new company and what it actually is going to cost to move. So what do you do? Do you make a scene before you even start and ask for more money? Or do you take a little more than normal initiative and decide to rent your own truck and manage your move yourself.

What are some pros and cons of managing a move yourself?


  • Not enough time: It will take some time to supervise the movers, rent the truck get your packing supplies and more. If you don’t have time for your move, you will not save money on your move. Time is essential in self managing a move, leave it to the pros for a full service move if you do not have time.
  • Coverage: you might get a homeowners or renters insurance policy to cover your items for damage during loading and unloading. Several truck rental company s offer cargo coverage that covers your items to a certain value during a automobile accident.
  • Underestimating actual costs:  This can be a serious downer to your planning. Make sure you plan well and research anything your not sure of before hand. Plus there are many “hidden” or should I say forgotten things during a move.  Things like tolls, actual mpg to be used and burnt fuel sitting in a traffic jams.  Did you know for a 26′ truck it will cost almost 40.00 just for the toll across the George Washington bridge in New York.


  • Staying on budget. Staying on budget or even under budget is very possible with realistic planning and realistic budgets. Don;’t cram yourself on time , each event of a move should happen each day. For example, Pick up truck day before, load truck, drive truck, unload truck, return truck. There are not quicker ways to beat the clock, so don’t try, you will end up running behind and having movers waiting on the clock.
  • Control: You get the most control of you move when you do it yourself. You can arrive on your schedule , sign a lease when you arrive or bring items directly to a personal self storage. These things are big things in making sure your move goes how you want it.
  • Protect high end items: Items such as pianos, pinball machines and hot tubs can be very expensive to move. By moving these items yourself, you will save thousands in accessory fees.

There are many pros and cons, the list could go on. The biggest decision on how to handle a move should only come after speaking to a moving professional.