Its Moving Day! Everything is packed, the Movers are loading everything into the truck outside, and sadly your call for a clear sky and no rain is not going to come true. You start to wonder if the Movers will be able to make sure your items stay dry and safe, then….. A Mover drops your grandmas old china she gave to you as a gift into a large puddle!

The above incident is very sad but happens all the time when the Movers you choose do not know how to Move the correct way. That is why at Move Buddies are Movers get all of the training they need when it comes to Moving in any condition of weather. You can be completely sure that Move Buddies Movers will never drop your items into a large puddle when its raining. They have at all times all the tools and resources they may need to handle any sized Move rain or shine, and also Bed Bugs as well! ¬†That’s one of the reasons that allows us to be the best!

Tips for Moving in the Rain-

  • Protect your Belongings with Extra Measures! (Plastic Wrap for Art Work, Trash Bags for Clothes, Heavy Blankets for Wood Items)
  • Prep your New Home! (Lay rugs and towels down before the Movers arrive so they will not track any water or mud throughout your new beautiful home)
  • Fun Fact! (Moving while it is raining can make the average sized move take 30-35% longer)

Are Movers have done a wonderful job at making sure are customers items are safe when it comes to Moving during a Crazy Rain Storm! So you can count on them to keep your items safe as well!

So if you are in the process of Moving or have a up incoming Move, but you just do not have the time or know how when it comes to Moving, call us at Move Buddies! We are a Top-Rated Moving Company with a location in: Savannah, Georgia. Also we have two locations in: Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina. We can assist all of your Moving needs!

Charleston, South Carolina: (843)-972-9039

Columbia, South Carolina: (803)-832-2281

Savannah, Georgia: (912)-208-5001