Moving into a storage unit takes more planning then one might think. To make sure your move into storage, you must first decide if you are going to use a moving companies storage facility or rent you own self storage facility in the Charleston South Carolina or Savannah Georgia area.

Here are some pros and cons of each:

Type of Storage                                 Pros                                             Cons                                  

Movers storage              Detailed inventory and coverage              No access if you need

Secured facilities with low claims            May be delivery charges

Self storage                   Typically more cost effective                     Higher claim rates

Access if needed                                         Can be dirty or infested

Can be delivered close by                           Customer cares liability

When moving into  a storage unit, you want to make sure all of your items are fully protected to the maximum. Items should be stretch wrapped and table tops should be card-boarded for ultimate protection when moving items in or out of a storage unit.

If your movers are storing your items, everything should be wrapped in disposable pads and come with a complete inventory of all items being stored. Make sure you get a copy of the warehouse contract. It is important to understand your levels of coverage when items are in storing, how billing will be proceed and if time is pro rated.

When moving out of a self storage unit, you want to make sure you get a turn in contract. Before turning in your unit, make sure the unit is swept out and no trash is left behind. Just a little trash can result in hundreds of dollars in removal charges that can be damaging too your moving budget.

When receiving items from storage on re delivery from your movers, make sure the items are all accounted for and that any damages are called in before the movers leave. This helps protect you in making sure your moving claimed is processed with the utmost speed.

Many self storage facilities run first month free or free month after three months proportionals. The get in cost can be lower than a traditional mover, but beware of what is covered if your items get infested with rats, bedbugs or one of the many other self storage infliction that I have witnessed over the years. It is important to be very clear on coverage’s and what additional purchased coverage’s will actually cover.

Always make sure you research your mover and the self storage facility you are considering. It is important to see their BBB rating and take a fair assumption from online reviews on several platforms. Again, you are hiring the safest “babysitter” for your things, and it is important to know who and what you are leaving them with.

A little research and allot of questions can go along way. In the end , peace of mind for all of your belongings should come first. Don’t be afraid to ask either option hard questions , such as any break ins lately, leaky roofs, etc. Its your stuff and you work hard for it, make sure you ask the right questions too protect it.