WOW! I cannot even believe my Blog Post today is about moving for Summer Break in college. It seems like yesterday we was just brushing the Turkey off from our lips and getting the presents under the tree.

Busy Season in book , officially opens on the first part of Spring Break at colleges. Whether you are a student at Savannah College of Arts and Design , College of Charleston in Charleston South Carolina, or one of the many other colleges scattered all over the states of Georgia and South Carolina, when moving time comes, it comes quick.

What is the biggest headache with moving for Spring Break? Lack of planning would be it. Last year we received close to 30 calls in two days from parents and students looking for movers or even a truck last minute. It breaks my heart to hear the frustration in their voice, I can here leases having to be extended another month, moms and dads arguing in the back ground or the snap of a college kids face when they realize that maybe they are smarter than Mom and Dad.

Do not wait to the last minute. Movers book up fast.Make sure you have a confirmed email reservation and call 2 days before and the day before just to reconfirm. The amount of traffic these moving companies see at these times of year can be overwhelming. It never hurts to make sure. Also make sure you researched these movers, try Yelp and Google to make sure that the movers do not have bad reviews for being late or not showing up at all. This is a bad sign and may inevitably become your headache.

Just because you reserved a moving rental truck, does not mean you have a truck. The reservations are based completely on supply and demands. During this part of the year , equipment is at its max. Having worked in that part of the industry for years, you need to realize they do not have a truck just sitting there for your reservation. These companies make money on renting the truck as many times as possible. And that works out great if trucks don,t break down, everyone returns the trucks when they are suppose to, trucks are returned un-damaged and central reservations doesn’t accidentally over boom. These are all real life scenarios in the moving truck rental industry. This could cause lots of headaches, missed flights and more. Make sure you pick-your truck up the day before your actual move day. Yes you will pay more, but it will cost allot less than what would happen if you came on move day and the truck is unavailable. I once spoke with an Agent at a U-haul dealership in Savannah, Georgia that told me they would be 22 trucks short on that particular day. I almost feel as bad for him then I do the clients not being able to secure the equipment.

So think and plan ahead and you can avoid common college moving mistakes.