Moving is a headache. Moving with the wrong Team in your home is a nightmare. Sure, Insurance questions are always important, but after that is checked off your list, start the real prying. Who are your movers? Over the years I have been to several industry seminars and hearing some horror stories. We have current clients, that we had too work twice as hard for in order to earn their trust back from prior move nightmares.

Due diligence is a must for a headache free and cost effective move. No matter if you are moving in Charleston, South Carolina or Savannah, Georgia here are some great screening questions when vetting your mover.

  1. Are you movers W-2 Employees? You want to be clear on how your workers are treated and the company is structured, typically “1099” companies tend to be shady and often the movers are not actual Employees in your home.
  2. Are your Employees trained? Its a dumb question right? Nope! Make sure you ask the question. You should feel comfortable with your companies polices and procedures in making sure your hard earned belongings are properly handled.
  3. Are the Employees background checked? Even ask for proof. It is important that your movers are background checked. Every year we get hundreds of applicants that are turned down for sexual or violent crimes. Many companies don’t run background checks, which means these applicants that we deny become employees of our competitors.
  4. There is no day labor or worse, roadside pick-ups? Its true and it happens every day, even with the biggest van lines. Guys are often picked up at gas stations or other labor spots and paid cash. This same individual is usually on the deliver side and could be familiar with your new home address. Not very good peace of mind.
  5. How do you rate Team performance? Many moving companies in Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina don’t even think about tracking their moving teams performance. At Move Buddies we use the nationally recognized NPR scoring system. Every customer completes a survey of each team member so we are able to detect and train out weakness in our system.

All the other things such as verifying licensing of your mover and your movers insurance are still important. The final step in making sure you hire the team is making sure you ask the right questions.