Lots of folks are not even aware that tipping in the moving industry is very common. For those who did not know about tipping your movers, (Um…was my bill not high enough), it is OK. As we like to say, tips are always appreciated but not expected.

If you are not comfortable with tipping or feel it may be outside the norm, you can always offer your appreciation with Gatorade, Pizza or other Goodies. This can show your appreciation on a budget.

Movers in the industry as a whole are typically not paid correctly. Many movers are paid cash daily or considered “1099 Employees” or sub contractors. It is important to only support companies that pay their employees as W-2. In fact Move Buddies hourly rate is 30% higher per hour than the national average. We also offer vacation and personal time for all Employees who have been part of the team for more than a year.

Move Buddies also offers monthly bonuses for safe driving, and our Mover of the Month award that goes to excelled performers for the month.

So while tipping is part of the norm ,it is definitely a choice that Move Buddies movers never expect, but always appreciate.