With thousands upon thousands of moving companies out there, how do you know which ones are reputable and worth your time and money? Many people seek to find a reputable company to move their stuff for them. First, you should think about what “reputable” means to you. A reputable company is an “honest” “trustworthy” and “reliable” company. A reputable moving company would also provide excellent customer service and work meticulously to make sure all your belongings and furniture gets to the new location efficiently.

Look Around First

his may sound really obvious but it is a step which many people may overlook. Log on to that Facebook account and consult your social circles for recommendations of moving companies. When you’re reading online reviews, make sure to read reviews about moving companies you are interested in on multiple website sources. This is for you to track any inconsistencies and make sure that there are no fake information. A reliable moving company would also not mind if you asked for an in-home survey before the moving day. Pre-move on-site inspections can differentiate between companies who take full responsibility and those who wouldn’t bother. In-home surveys ensure for a smooth and accurate move later on as the company would be able to know how to plan the move for you. There are many factors to consider when moving, such as flights of stairs, the width of doors, elevators and special handling of pianos. After the survey, you would be able to get a price estimate for how much your move should cost. If the moving company says that an in-home inspection is not necessary prior to the moving day, then you know that’s a red flag!


What to Watch Out For

When you’re on the phone with them, a professional moving company would usually answer the phone with their company’s name instead of just using the generic “Hello, moving company”. When giving you a price estimate and quote, a reputable company would usually ask you for full details about your home what which items need to be moved. On the contrast, a less professional one would just give you a quick estimate over the phone without asking a lot of questions. A professional moving company would usually have a website and full contact information. Additionally, they should have a local office and warehouse for their additional services such as storage. You should have everything down on paper so you have negotiated the terms ahead of time to avoid any troubles later on. If the moving company you choose asks for a questionable amount for deposit or cash, you should question the professional standards of this company. This last one should be a given but when the trucks come, make sure they have their company’s logo on the side of the truck.

Moving Across the Country

If you’re considering a long distance move and going across the country or to another state, you need to make sure that the moving company is a properly licensed cross country mover. Ensure that you have access to their customer reviews online for ratings or possible complaints and whether or how those complaints have been resolved.