Moving to a new city requires a lot of planning and organizing. Figuring out how to transport all your furniture, clothing and appliances cross-country can be pretty straightforward. But what about your car? Relocating your car doesn’t have to be stressful if you consider some of the following options. First you should weigh your options as to whether you should tow it or sell it. If you’re moving to a different province, you’ll need to check the safety standards and requirements of that province. For instance, what kinds of tests must your car pass? Is that climate of that province the same? Are there extra insurance costs and transportation needs that you need to consider? Here are some suggestions to all the possibilities for what to do with your car when you move.

Tow It

Companies who offer services in shipping vehicles are referred to as “Auto Movers”. Have you ever seen those huge trucks with about 20 cars piled in two rows on the highway? Those are the ones! These professional auto transporters will transport your vehicle in an open truck or in an enclosed truck. The cost would be based on the weight and size of your vehicle, distance you’ll need to travel, and the insurance coverage. The advantage to this type of service is that it insures your car arrives at the destination safe and sound so you can focus on other responsibilities in the moving process. The disadvantage is the potential high cost because there is cargo and liability coverage as part of the transporter insurance. It can cost anywhere from $1000-$2000 for a medium sized car. A potential money saving trick is to opt for the terminal-to-terminal service which means that you drop off your car at a designated location in the city you are moving from and you pick it up again from another location in the city you are moving to.

Drive It

There are companies who offer services where you can hire a professional driver to drive the car. It all depends on the type of car and the distance you need to travel. You can also choose to drive the car yourself and pack your household goods in it, so it kills two birds with one stone.




Ship It

Ship the car via Amtrak’s auto train if your destination and stops are located along the path of the auto train. This method is particularly attractive if you live in the east coast because the Amtrack Auto Train has a great network along that coast. Amtrak transport offers accommodations and meals along the way so you won’t be stuck in traffic transporting your own vehicle.






Don’t Forget…

Lastly, there are crucial factors to consider when moving your car. If you’re driving it yourself, consider the lodging you’ll have to have on the way, how much gas you’re spending and a highly recommended pre-vehicle check-up to make sure nothing happens on the road. If few of these options work for you, perhaps you should consider selling your car before you move to that new city. Do a research of the market and determine a fair price. If you have a van, sedan or a truck, chances are your car will probably sell quickly. With everyone using social media these days, you’ll be sure to find a buyer on your own!