It’s natural not to realize it, but having more children might mean moving to a larger living space. The children keep on coming and there’s no space for them to function and for you to hold onto your sanity. After all, everyone needs their personal space, even the kids.

The commute is not worth it

Do you find yourself not having enough “me” time after work and on the weekends? Perhaps too much of your time is spent on the road. This is especially relevant for those who are working in a different city from where they live. If your commute takes longer than two hours every day, then maybe you should consider moving. Carpooling is nice but you don’t want to spend all of your time with your carpool buddies when you could be at home walking the dog or having a bath. Many people prefer living close to their workplace so they don’t have to waste a good part of their mornings and evenings on the road.


This city is getting too much for you

Some people love the idea of staying in one city for their whole life but others prefer moving around from time to time. If you are part of the latter group, then maybe your time in your current city is up and you’re ready to move on to the next life experience in a different one. Perhaps you’re not feeling the “vibe” of your current neighborhood and there’s another one calling your name. Different cities have different transportation methods and perhaps you want one where people walk everyone or one in which everyone drives to places. Perhaps suburban life was meant for you and after a while of living a fast-paced, congested city life, you’re ready for to settle down in some peace and quiet. Weather can also play a huge factor in moving. Cities along the coast may have more rain than other cities year-round and it’s okay to hate that! A change in the weather can make all the difference.

Family Commitments

A change in relationship status is one of the most common reasons to move houses. Your bachelor pad is turning a little crowded and that’s normal. Your spouse-to-be might not be currently living in the same city as you so prepare to move anytime if you are thinking of settling down with your partner. There are also those family commitments that are unforeseeable. You might have a parent who is getting old and needs care on a regular basis. Your child may be getting better childcare or a more fitting school in a different city and a move can make all the difference. On the other side of the spectrum, you may find yourself in an empty nest and it doesn’t make sense anymore to own a big house with just two people to enjoy it.

Overwhelming Finances

If your mortgage is almost going to be all paid off and you may have built up a lot of equity over the years, all of a sudden you start to have more options. You can sell your home and downsize for a cheaper one with some extra cash left over. Moving is not an easy task but if you feel that you’re on the brink of a move, then don’t hesitate! Start packing!