Now that you’ve got your moving company chosen and ready to go and the new home waiting for you with open arms, you just have to worry about the last step, which may involve a very long packing process. Thankfully, we’ve got some tips up our sleeves to offer you so that this last step of moving isn’t a pain. For all the procrastinators out there, you unfortunately won’t be able to pull this one off with your usual procrastinator tactics. When you decide to start this packing process can significantly impact how stressed out you’ll feel later on, so be sure to start early. Let’s go!

Ever heard of that piece of advice telling you to start one room at a time? It actually works. Not only should you pack on a room-to-room basis, but you should start from one area of the room at a time. Going all over the place will make your brain feel scattered and out of place, and all you’ll feel at the end of this will be immense frustration. Packing one room at a time will also prevent you from mixing up your items that were supposed to belong in one room and end up in another room. Have a general description of the contents of each box and use a system to organize the boxes and rooms. For example, you could tape a coloured dot to each box and then have that same coloured dot on the door of each room to which that box belongs.

It’s important to think about what type of material you’re using to wrap items. Think twice before you use print newspapers to wrap your bowls. the letters can melt and bleed into your things, so it’s best to use unprinted newsprint if possible. If you’re moving considerably heavy mid-sized items, then re-consider using boxes and bags from grocery stores and instead use clean cartons that are actually made for moving. This way, you’ll prevent losing any belongings that were too heavy for the boxes you chose to carry them in.

To save nightmarish scenarios later on, be sure to check our blog posts on what movers and moving companies won’t move for you. These items include flammables such as paint, nail polish and bottled gas. They can also include cleaning fluids and detergents. You should also personally transport your family’s most valuable belongings, such as family heirlooms and legal documents. Always carry these with you instead of with the moving company because you never know where they will end up.

Lastly, take note of everything that you have so that as you are unpacking later on, you have an inventory of everything you have just transported over to the new place. Amongst your monstrous pile of boxes, always have one labelled “essentials” for yourself on the day of your move. This box should contain all of your immediate needs such as toiletries, basic eating utensils, clothing and chargers. This box should also be the last one on the truck and the first one off the truck. You don’t want to lose this box because at the end of the moving day when you’re feeling tired, you’ll need it!