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The Secret to Packing Up in 7 Days

It’s an unfortunate position to be in, but it can happen- having to pack and move everything within an extremely short amount of time. You will need that extra dosage of energy and an immaculate amount of organization. That amount of time being seven days can be ridiculously stressful and sounds like a huge headache. But here are some useful [...]

February 26th, 2018|

Being Crystal Clear on How to Pack Glassware

When packing your kitchen, one of the biggest challenges will most likely be packing your glassware. Your dishes are the bread and butter of your kitchen, so it’s important to keep them in perfect condition once after the move. With a good game plan, we can make your task from daunting to manageable with expert and foolproof methods. The Art [...]

February 19th, 2018|

How to Pack a Living Room for Moving

There’s always so much happening in the living room that it’s understandable to not know where to start. There are so many categories of items to think about such as electronics, draperies, leather furniture and small accessories. This guide will show you how to move your whole living room efficiently. Determining Your Valuables Before physically moving anything, go through every [...]

February 19th, 2018|

How to Efficiently Pack Up Your Kitchen

Out of all the rooms in your home, your kitchen may be one of the most difficult places to pack. There’s an array of cutlery you have to sort, all the pots and pans you may still need up to the night before moving, not to mention the dishes you have to individually wrap to prevent damages on the road. [...]

February 12th, 2018|

How to Pack a TV of Any Size

For many households, one’s TV can be their most prized possession. TV’s are the source of entertainment for the whole family, so moving it safely is extremely important. Packing a TV requires more supplies than you would think and is deemed to be one of the most important steps in this process. To ensure safety and prevent damage to your [...]

February 5th, 2018|