For many households, one’s TV can be their most prized possession. TV’s are the source of entertainment for the whole family, so moving it safely is extremely important.

Packing a TV requires more supplies than you would think and is deemed to be one of the most important steps in this process. To ensure safety and prevent damage to your TV and other furniture around it, consider getting packing tape and paper, lots of bubble wrap, and paper padding. If you have a plasma TV, you’ll want to be extra careful as they have an extra layer of glass so if there are any falls, then they would be prone to double the damage. Make sure that all cords are placed in the same bag so you don’t lose any of them once you arrive at the new location. Later on, you can tape this bag to the inside of the box which contains the TV.

In terms of packaging, you’ll want to make sure your TV is safely stored ready to be moved. Before moving, make sure to unplug your TV and secure the cords safely with a rubber band. Always place those cords in the same place that you’ll bev placing your TV. In fact, if you have the original packaging for your TV, then you’re at an advantage. Make sure to wrap your TV with several layers before packing it into its box. If you don’t have the original box, you can definitely DIY this process! Simply use a heavy-duty large cardboard box and cut it out so that it roughly fits the size of the TV. When you close the box and tape it down, make sure to label “THIS SIDE UP” and “FRAGILE” so that your movers (or you!) know what is inside.

Once your TV is on the moving truck or in your car, make sure that it isn’t on top of a pile of other items, as that increases the likelihood of it falling and being damaged. It would be ideal to place your TV next to the mattresses or any flat surfaces. Keep your TV in an upright position at all times during the packing and moving process. Weather can also affect the condition of the TV as it is on the road. If it’s raining on the day of the move, you want to make sure it receives extra protection from the rain by wrapping multiple layers on it. Humidity might cause its electronic parts to stop functioning and a climate that’s too cold may lead to some parts cracking. Make sure to have all the TV accessories packed together so that you don’t lose a remote control or any part of your gaming system at the end of your moving process.

Once your TV has arrived at its new home, wait a little bit before turning your TV on so that it can adapt to its new environment. Make sure you have the right measurements for fitting your TV into the new space.