In the process of setting your house up for the market, the home staging part is probably one of the most crucial ways to engage new buyers. Staging happens after you de-clutter and fix up the paint in your home. You don’t want to open up your house without staging your home first. It may make even a 10% price difference when you stage your home. Every home as flaws, but you want to subtly work with the furnishings to lead the eye into focusing on the attractive features. Staging your home effectively may affect the price of what people are willing to pay for your home.

Make a Great First Impression

This means fresh flowers in the front porch, that door painted well and a clear way through the entrance. People usually make up their minds on their opinions about a home in the first 10 seconds, so it’s important to have a beautiful entrance. You don’t want to see any gaps in the doorway or faulty doorsteps.






Your want to clear everything out because after all, prospective buyers want to envision the house with their own belongings and furniture, not with your designs. Think of your property as an AirBnB, how would guests want to the place to look like in order to feel comfortable? Clutter often turn people off because it’s sloppy and unprofessional. Clear the coffee tables of past receipts. Wash dirty dishes and stow them away. Make sure there’s no scattered pieces of clothing just randomly lying around. Get rid of all the pictures on the fridge. No one wants to see your child’s pictures at age 2 or 10. Don’t even think about magnets on the fridge. The only thing on a kitchen countertop should just be a bowl of fruit. Create an illusion that it’s the buyer’s home and not yours.

Decor with a Story

Not everyone has the mind of an interior designer, but just imagine each space telling a story, and then accessorize that space with the right elements to your story. For example, having a full table setting could make observers feel like they are being invited over for a festive meal. Having a sizeable bowl of fruit on the table evokes the sense of closeness and comfort. The number of pillows on your bed makes a difference! Just two pillows may make the bed look bare as opposed to having an abundant number, which may create a more inviting look.



Don’t Forget the Outdoors

Add furniture and accessories to your backyard to add prosperity to your home. Place a fresh vase of flowers to add another touch of nature and painting that canvas to a show place where people want to live. Bringing the outside in is a great ideas as well. Beautiful flowers everywhere will set the best mood!





Get Rid of Odours

The smell of your home will also make a huge difference. Odours will kill a home; this includes smoke and pet odours. Open the windows to let fresh air in for at least 15 minutes a day. You can even go as far as to bake a pie before viewers come in. This gives them a very inviting sense of the home.





Scout Out the Space

Painting the walls can help in the overall appearance and feel of the home. Use neutral colours that are compatible with your furniture. Painting front doors and key rooms with fresh colours to lighten up the mood will be effective. Wash your windows and have all the lights on when people come to see your home. Light create a better mood for people over dark light. Make your rooms appear bigger with less furniture.

Staging your house isn’t a one-day process; it may take a whole week or even a few weeks. There is a lot more work to be done than you think. You may even need to move out half your stuff and refurnish the floors. Some people even bring in a professional home stager for the best results. Set up your home for success and good luck!