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How to Move Your Pets

Your pets are part of your family, so considering how to move them is obviously of utmost importance. Humans already feel some natural stress coming along during their move, so you can imagine how anxious pets can be!  How can you keep them safe during your move? Movers generally don’t transport pets so you’ll have to keep them with you [...]

May 28th, 2018|

How to Deal with Dishonest Moving Companies

Of course there are many ways to prevent yourself from falling for the scams of fraudulent and cheating moving companies. But what if it’s too late and you’ve already fallen into that rabbit hole? There are certain cases where it’s pretty obvious you’ve had a bad moving experience and the movers you hired were not doing their jobs right. These [...]

May 21st, 2018|

How to Choose the Right Boxes to Move Your Home

Believe it or not, there is more than one type of cardboard box for moving. Finding the perfect cardboard box for moving is worth the hassle because you don’t want anything breaking during the actual move. Once you have the right type of box for every room, it will actually speed up your packing process knowing that everything is the [...]

May 14th, 2018|

Tips for Moving to a Smaller Space

Downsizing happens regularly as people move from an empty nest or have to relocate due to financial reasons. There are various reasons why someone might downsize. Some people may want to vacation more or have a fresh start in their life. If you’re thinking about retirement, do you want to stay in your home after all your kids have moved [...]

May 7th, 2018|