Alcohol costs money and good alcohol costs even more money. So if you have an impressive layout of a liquor cabinet, you’ll want to make sure you move it well. There are several ways you can move your wet bar from one home to another. The two most important things you have to think about when moving alcohol are space and cushioning. When moving alcohol, think about wrapping and taping down for the majority of the time.

Before moving anything, take an inventory of the bottles and sort out the bottles you definitely want to keep and move and the ones (perhaps those that are half opened) that you can give away to friends and family. Making an inventory also allows you to calculate how many boxes you would need to move your entire liquor cabinet. Not only do you have to think about how many boxes you need, but you also have to consider the compartments within those boxes. You can always make your own bottle carriers using extra cut-out cardboard.

Then, check to see that you have the right supplies for moving bottles. Just like packing glass dishes, most liquors (especially wine) have their own types of packing boxes so make sure the bottles are in their own boxes. Consider getting a wine carrier so you can safely stow one bottle in each carrier. Then all you need is packing tape and wrapping paper. Before placing each bottle into the box, remember to check that all bottles are tightly sealed. If the bottle is already open, then cover the top with saran wrap and then screw on the lid.

Next, fill any spaces with newspaper or bubble wrap. After you’ve wrapped the entire bottle with newspaper, tape the top together so the newspaper is secured in place. The base of each box should be stable and not flimsy. If you want to place several liquor bottles into one box, then make sure to place the bottles side by side. If you’re packing your bottles in two layers, then make sure to separate the layers with more cushioning.

You also have to think about all that glassware! All the glasses in your bar move best with a dish carton, cell dividers, wrapping paper and tape. Roll each glass onto the newspaper until it’s completely covered and then tuck the edge of the paper into the glass. Just as you would with the liquor bottles, don’t place too many dishes into one box. Otherwise, the box might not be able to hold all the glasses. Make sure there’s lots of extra paper stuffing in all the leftover spaces in each box.

When it comes to moving your actual bar, you’ll need to clear out all of the liquor out. Once you’ve done that, cover all the bars with moving blankets. Then, with help from other people, lift the bars and place them onto moving dollies. You can then begin rolling the dollies out and start loading them. Voila! That’s how you pack up your entire bar. The good news is, now you can unwind after your move with all your ingredients for a good drink with you!