Moving your patio or balcony furniture can require just as much work as your heavy appliances. But with the proper care and handling methods, your move should be smooth and safe. As these pieces of furniture are most likely exposed to all types of weather (snow, rain, hail) and outside particles such as dust, it is best to clean all the furniture by wiping down residue with a cloth and some anti-bacterial spray. Because this is outdoor furniture we’re talking about, you’ll also need to consider bugs and other creepy crawlies that may be lingering in the nooks and crannies of your furniture. Make sure your furniture is free of all of them so you do not have any surprises during your moving process. You don’t want that dirt to be transferred over to your new home. After you’ve cleaned everything, you can pack them up.

Just like your indoor furniture, your outdoor furniture often needs to be disassembled before the pieces go into a box. These table arms and chair legs can often be heavy, so make sure that you consider all safety measures such as proper packing materials and procedures before putting them into boxes. All loose parts should be kept in a special container. Place all the bigger parts of one furniture piece together and all loose parts in a separate box.
Keep a special eye out for sharp corners and edges as you want to prevent damage caused to other furniture and yourself during the moving process. Remove all the padding from your patio tables and chairs and pack them separately. You can also use them as padding material if you don’t have any moving blankets! Always consider whether you need a second set of hands to help you carry your outdoor furniture as these types can often be extremely heavy. Wrap all arms and legs in plastic or bubble wrap and label every box accordingly. Make sure to secure all boxes with secure moving tape.

Aside from outdoor furniture, there are other areas of your backyard/patio that you may also need to think about. When cleaning up hazardous items, make sure that pesticides and paint are disposed or contained safely. Before moving your lawn mower, leaf blower and other machines used to tend to your front and backyard, make sure to drain them of gas as as to prevent leaks when you are moving them. If you have an outdoor play set, make sure to disassemble every piece of your set before packing them up. It would be best if you kept the original packaging, but if you don’t have the boxes they go in at the time of purchasing, you can also purchase those heavy duty bins for your various playground parts. You don’t want to lose any pieces along the way!

Moving outdoor furniture requires much care and attention to detail. It can be easy to forget a piece of your patio furniture chair or table, but if you make a list of all the furniture you need to pack prior to your move, the process could be a whole lot smoother. Just remember to clean, wrap and pack properly and you are good to go!