People often overlook the bedroom when they are moving because they consider how many other things they have to pack in the kitchen and living room areas (with heavy furniture such as pianos and TVs). But there are many factors that need to be considered when moving one’s bedroom. Here are a few tips and tricks for moving your bedroom without forgetting anything along the way!

You’ll need packing paper, packing tape, felt tip markers for labeling, and sturdy cartons with flaps that can be closed. Let’s take a look at your wardrobe first. Leave your clothes on hangers and pack them into a wardrobe carton if you want to have your clothes wrinkle-free. If you don’t have a wardrobe carton, don’t worry, you can also just fold your clothes and place them in a suitcase or a carton lined with clean paper. In order to prevent wrinkles, you can separate folds with a sheet of tissue paper. As for linens and bedding, protect sheets and towels with a sheet of packing paper when you are placing them in a box. These clothes and “softer” items can be left to pack up in the end. Wrap up your furniture in furniture blankets.

Next, let’s a take a look at smaller items such as alarm clocks and decorative stands, you can wrap them individually with paper and pack them in a carton with lots of cushioning. Books are heavy and can add up in weight if you are packing them all into one box. Therefore, use smaller book cartons so that they are easier to carry. When you put the books into boxes, make sure that the spines are facing down so that the pages sides are facing up. Fill in extra spaces with crumpled up paper or moving foam so that the items inside aren’t shifting around when you are carrying them. You don’t want the edges of books to cut into the boxes and end up with holes!

Separate your fragile items and pack them separately in a box. If these items are separate and loose, they tend to slow down the moving process. Make sure to cushion these items with tons of moving paper when you are storing them in boxes so nothing gets damaged in case someone drops a box along the way. If you have pictures, place the ones with the same size together. Place them so that they are facing each other and the backs are facing the outside. That will ensure the pictures will stay nice and undamaged.

Wash all your sheets before storing them so that when you get to the new place, your sheets and covers are all nice and clean. You may even want to consider using a hypoallergenic mattress encasement when moving your mattress. Many of them protect against bed bugs, are waterproof and machine-washable. When packing up poles for the drapes, you can tape them together so you don’t lose any of them!

Packing up your bedroom mainly consists of emptying out drawers and making sure everything goes in their respective boxes. With the right type of box (wardrobe/book cartons, etc.) to use for packing, your whole bedroom move will run smoothly.