Everyone wants to be able to pack their belongings into boxes strategically but may not even know where to start. It is important to find the most effective packing and moving technique that works for you and we are here to help you reach that stage. Hopefully you are at the stage of already having purged those unwanted or unnecessary items for moving and you are now ready to organize your belongings for moving. If not, check out our article on how to get rid of unwanted items. You’ll want to make lists of all the items you have and which boxes they would fit into. This is so you know exactly which items are in which box after the move.

First, prepare a box of essential items that you need during those first few days after your move and be sure to label it so you can find it later on. There are so many different types of boxes available for every type of item in your home. These include wardrobe boxes, dish boxes, mirror boxes and lamp boxes. Always store lighter and bigger items in big boxes and the heaviest items in smaller boxes. This can sound counterintuitive but you don’t want to have to deal with trying to lift those huge and heavy boxes later on! When packing your clothes, always fold large items of clothing and roll those smaller items to fit into the cracks in between the bigger items. Always fit the heaviest items on the bottom of each box and lighter items on top.

As for specific types of boxes, it is recommended to pack your dishes in special dishpack boxes. Kitchen items include breakable containers, large plates, small plates, bowls, mugs and glassware. Dish Packs can also be used for desktop computers and monitors. Pack them in one dish pack together. You can also pack your small picture frames and trophies in one dish pack. There are different types of mirror boxes and use plenty of packing tape when packing. Always lay your mirror flat when packing them into the box. There are also lamp boxes for packing your lamps. These provide extra protection for your lamps. Next, we have book boxes which can be used for heavier books and items. You can use these same boxes for packing your kitchen and bathroom items.

When organizing boxes, avoid mixing items from different rooms into the same box. Alway categorize your boxes into types of items within the same room. It will definitely make your packing and unpacking process a lot easier! When labeling each box, you may want to add a little description of what’s in the box even if it already has the name of the room the items are coming from. Packaging is also crucial when making sure that your breakables are kept in the best conditions during moves. Make sure to always use packing paper and lots of padding when storing items into boxes. Don’t leave empty spaces in boxes because you want to make sure that items inside aren’t rummaging around and prone to breaking apart when carrying them back and forth.

We are always trying to find the best and most efficient way for you to pack and move your home. These packing and organizing strategies will help you save time and energy in a multitude of ways. Good luck with your move!