Whenever I visit someone’s house and I see this lovely, extravagant furniture, I always think- how did that extended sectional sofa even get through this door in the first place?! They must have hired really great movers. When moving day comes, you do not want to be left stuck on how to fit large pieces of furniture through the door or even spend an extended amount of time on an elevator trying to move your oversized furniture because you didn’t figure out a better route. Here are some tips for oversized furniture that need to go through doorways that just seem a little bit too small.

Always measure all dimensions of the furniture before trying to move it. This includes the height, width and length of the furniture. If there are pieces of furniture you are thinking of buying, always measure those before buying. Next, measure the height, width and length of the doorway. You can rotate your furniture depending on how tall or wide it is. If the height of the furniture exceeds the height of the doorway, then the width needs to fit well within the width of the door. It might also be helpful to experiment with different angles. For example, angle a couch like a “V” so that one end is guaranteed to fit through the door and you just have to worry about tight spaces for the other end.

It might also help to take a second look at your door. Can the door be temporarily taken off its hinges? It would be helpful to give a little bit of room despite the tight space. Another rule of thumb for the furniture itself is to remove what you can. If you are moving a sofa, it would help to dismantle it first. Remove all of the cushions and the legs if you can. Any furniture that can be disassembled will save headaches and feelings of frustration later on. This includes beds and dressers. Make sure to empty all contents out of drawers and side tables as well. You don’t want pieces falling out in the middle of your move. Also consider the inside space of the place you are moving your furniture into. Make sure that if it’s a long, narrow hallway that the furniture will fit when moving it.

For better protection, always use furniture padding and wraps to protect your doorway when moving furniture in and out. If you put a furniture pad or piece of cardboard underneath your oversized furniture, it will help your furniture slide much easier along the floor rather than try to carry it through. Wrap your furniture generously as well to ensure extra protection.

Thinking outside the box means looking for windows large enough in your home that the furniture can fit through instead. Ultimately, to guarantee higher chances of safety, consider hiring a professional who knows how to disassemble your furniture for you and have experience moving it through slim doorways. It wouldn’t hurt to consult friends and family on how best to fit furniture through a door. Different people have different methods of brainstorming and people pitching in ideas might also be helpful.