It’s important to protect your walls and corners for any type of move. Any home or office move requires vigilance and making sure the place isn’t damaged by the end of the move. Whether it’s moving into a new space or moving out of one that you just sold, keeping the walls and corners free from damage should be one of your highest priorities. On the day of your move, there is a high risk of heavy furniture bumping into corners and damaging the walls so it’s important to consider the precautionary measures you should be taking.

Covering the walls with shrink wrap and ample padding is a great start to protecting the space. For protecting doors, you can use a door jamb protector and door covers. The door covers protect your door from scratches and movers coming in and out through the doorway. The door jamb protector will protect both the top and sides of the door jam. These jamb protectors easily snap around door frames and are really easy to use. There are paperboard and plastic options. You can also use corner guards for your corners. These will protect your corners from damage and keep them in brand new condition. Additionally, there are dreadknot pads that offer a tremendous amount of protection for your glass doors and walls. This is high-end cloth and proves to be extremely durable. You can roll this out all the way down corridors and along the walls. You can use painter’s tape to adhere this.

Sometimes dismantling a piece of furniture instead of moving the furniture as a whole is a better option to protect your walls and corners. These large objects include your TV, heavy tables, any glass furniture and furniture with hard edges. Some furniture pieces are awkward and heavy to move, especially if your space has a lot of corners. Consider wrapping your furniture in plastic wrap or padding so that you can move them back and forth without worrying about scratching the walls. Secure your wrapping with duct tape or wrapping tape. In addition, try not to stack boxes on top of a table or chair in case all of those things fall into a corner or wall. You can even mark certain areas with coloured piece of paper so you have a clear direction of where you’re going and which areas to be watchful for when carrying your furniture.

If there are damages done to walls and corners, consider using paint to touch up on wall markers or scruffs. It is extra work but it’s an option for you just in case an accident does happen. If you are experiencing anxiety over this, you should consider hiring a professional moving team who have the necessary materials to protect your walls and corners when moving furniture. A dented wall or scratched corner is the last thing you should be worried about on your moving day. Hiring an experienced moving team can help reduce your anxiety and make your moving day free of stress!