Many people forget about the garage when they’re packing up for their move, mainly because most of what gets purged and thrown away are temporarily placed in the garage. For many, the garage is the storing place of years of accumulated items. For such a complex sounding task, here are some extremely simple and effective tips for packing up your garage.

Sort and Organize
These are the two key words when working on your garage! Sort out the things you don’t need and consider having a garage sale to make some extra cash. What you can’t sell can be donated. Next, label everything and put the things you want to keep in separate boxes. There always seems to be miscellaneous items in the garage that come in all shapes and sizes. To save space, disassemble as much as possible. This includes bicycles and power tools. All the individual parts can be put into labelled boxes. Organize all your items because you really don’t want roller skates to end up in your bedroom! When organizing, make sure you’re not allocating any items to your moving company’s non-allowable list. Some of these items include plants and flammable substances (example: paints). Stack your lawn chairs together and put the pads into one box.

Pack Properly
After sorting and organizing all of what needs to be packed, it is time for the actual packing process. Having the right boxes will make all the difference when packing your garage. A lot of items are oddly shaped and can’t be easily packed. This is where furniture blankets and other packing supplies come in real handy. Bubble wrap and packing tape will save your life. Bubble wrap is great for protecting items from being damaged and from damaging the surroundings when moving certain items. For example, wrap any tool with a sharp edge with copious amounts of bubble wrap. Packing tape is perfect for securing boxes and wrapping. Each opening of a box should be secure with multiple layers of packing tape to ensure extra protection. If you have gas-operated machinery (i.e. lawnmower), the fuel needs to be emptied out before being moved. With your awkward items with long handles such as your rakes and shovels, tape their handles together. They can usually go into the moving truck as-is.

Many people leave the garage to the last place where they work on packing up for moving day. Rather than saving your headache for the last minute, prevent any headaches in the first place by working on the garage first. It’s important to thoroughly clear your garage before moving day, especially if a majority of your furniture is going through the garage and onto the moving truck. You don’t want to make your movers have to create a beeline every time they are transporting your furniture! Additionally, if it is raining, much of what needs to be moved will most likely be congregated in the garage, so keeping it clear and tidy will be most helpful for everyone!