Diamonds are created under pressure but you shouldn’t feel the heat when moving your jewelry back and forth! Your necklaces, bracelets and earrings require just as much attention as your TV, heavy furniture and other appliances. There are many ways you can take to make sure your jewelry is unharmed during your move.

Yes there’s travel insurance and health insurance, but have you ever heard of moving insurance? Just as people purchase insurance for their jewelry, it is strongly advised that you look at moving insurance options. If you’re moving with a company, it’s important that you have valuation coverage just in case something gets lost or damaged along the way. If you are planning to get moving insurance, make sure to keep a spreadsheet of each piece of jewelry (cost, description, how long you’ve owned it).

Allocate specific cases to store your most precious jewels. How you pack up your jewels is important to consider. If you don’t have specific boxes to carry each type of jewelry, worry not. There are so many different ways to carry your valuables! These include pill boxes, sunglass cases and makeup bags. Ziploc baggies will help you separate jewelry and assists in handy labelling. Some people get creative and even use toilet paper rolls to loop up their necklaces! Another way to keep necklaces from tangling is to loop them through straws and shut the clasp on the other side. With earrings, you can use business cards. Just poke holes through the card and then insert the clasp on the other side to secure the earrings. You can also separate items using saran wrap. Just press and wrap the items to secure them in place. Some people have placed jewelry on a travel towel and rolled the towel. With earrings and rings, you can place them in an egg carton, which is a great way to separate each piece.

Take note of everything that you have. Make sure to separate your costume jewelry (inexpensive items) from your valuables (i.e. your grandmother’s heirlooms). If anything gets lost along the way or in the packing process, at least you’ll have a list to consult. If you have dozens of earrings and necklaces (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), you need to have a little description of each item.

Label, label label! Labelling will save you from plenty of headaches and panic breakdowns. You may not want to label certain boxes “expensive diamonds” because let’s face it, it can fall into the wrong tempting hands. Rather, consider labelling your boxes “master bedroom” or “bathroom #2” so your movers know where to place these boxes. Make sure your jewelry go with you during your move. This will decrease the chance of you losing them.

Whether it’s costume jewelry or a special gift from someone, it’s important to keep your valuable safe when moving. Many people overlook the possibility that one’s jewelry might get tangled up or how it should properly be stored and carried. Before your moving day, make sure you follow our tips to ensure that the one thing feeling pressured were those expensive diamonds you bought.