When you’re planning for an international move, there’s a lot to think about. It’s always best to start at least a few weeks in advance so you prevent any hiccups from rising along the way.

The first hurdle to jump over is how to package everything and ship them to your new location. Some of you might want to employ professional packers as not everyone can “Marie Kondo” our way out of this one. But if you have decided to save yourself that money, make sure to start with de-cluttering so you are not wasting money transporting belongings that you don’t want later on. Purge out the stuff you don’t think you’ll need and only pack the essentials.

Next, look into investing in good quality packing boxes, even if it means splurging a little bit. Wrap each item with plenty of wrapping paper or bubble wrap before you place them in boxes. If it’s glassware or other heavy items, make sure to pack them vertically and place the heavier items at the bottom of the box.

If you’re deciding to bring furniture along with you instead of buying new furniture when you arrive, then you need to look at the costs of shipping furniture. Is it really worth shipping all of your furniture? Can the furniture you want to ship be bought in the country you are going to? Ask yourself those questions before shipping your furniture. It also depends on the size of your new home. Downsizing might mean leaving some of your furniture behind. Before you pack your furniture, disassemble everything and put them in sturdy packing boxes. If you are packing mirrors, be sure to choose a flat box and fill in the cracks with plenty of packing paper.

While packing clothes may not be a huge hurdle, keep in mind the importance to packing clothes for each season. You may not want to bring your whole closet with you but be sure to pack one outfit per season, depending on the type of climate you’re going to be weathering in the new destination. You may want to consider the vacuum packing technique where all of your soft items can be “sucked into” sealable plastic bags. This will help save lots of space!

When packing your electronic appliances, don’t forget that outlets are different in a lot of countries. You’ll need to bring transformers (for voltage differences) and adapters so you save yourself headaches later on. If you’re going to pack up TVs, then use the original packaging if possible. Pack your TV in standing position and cover the screen with soft cloths. Wrap the TV in plenty of bubble wrap and stuff the empty spaces with wrapping paper. Do the same with your desktop computers.

Remember, if you’re feeling too stressed about shipping everything yourself, you can always consult the services of a professional moving company who can come to your place and provide you with a shipping quote. Moving internationally takes quite a bit of time so don’t wait until the last minute to start de-cluttering!