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Move Buddies, LLC. BBB Business Review

Move Buddies takes training and their Employees seriously. We background check our Employees, 90% of our trucks have Live Video Monitoring for quality control. Our trucks also have GPS Tracking and DOT Maintained.

When you ask your mover, “are you insured?” you expect an honest answer. Unfortunately, most consumers do not understand the difference between insurance and valuation coverage. Here at Move Buddies, we will do everything we can to teach you about your coverage options, and what will work best for you. In many cases, we offer extended coverage packages if basic insurance isn’t enough.


For more information, scroll to the bottom left-hand side of our website. Feel free to check out our registrations online. Move Buddies takes licensing seriously and our track record proves it.

Move Buddies starts billing upon arrival to your location, NOT when we leave our shop.


Move Buddies has no stair or long-carry fees. We have built our packages and pricing to be as transparent and easy to understand as possible and work hard to make sure there are no surprises on your bill.

Typically there are no taxes on services, only on goods. If another mover tells you otherwise, please make sure to double check!


Move Buddies operates 7 days a week at no extra charge. Unlike other moving companies, Move Buddies has a Quality Manager available every day of the week to make sure your move goes smoothly.


Our packers are trained and ready to help with anything you need, including dishes, china, and fine art. We will bring out the supplies and skills to pack as much or as little as you need.

Great question!

Move Buddies has a roach and bedbug prevention program in place.Our trucks are regularly sprayed to keep you safe.

Lots of customers don’t think about bugs until they move with someone that doesn’t spray their trucks!

Not at all!

Move Buddies will bring out all the tools and supplies to take apart and put together any furniture you may need help with.

Feel free to leave your loose items such as clothing or linens in the dresser to save time and trouble on packing.

Make sure to remove heavier items that could damage your dresser before the move!


Move Buddies has teams specifically trained to tackle these projects with care and expertise.
Never move an expensive specialty piece with an unqualified mover!

It is always best to arrange a tentative date for your move as soon as possible. In most cases, if you arrange your move at least 7-10 days in advance, there will be no issue in getting the time you need.

In some cases, Move Buddies offers next-day or same-day services as well!

For the safety of our clients and movers, all payments are accepted via any major Debit/Credit card. (Visa,Mastercard,Amex,Discover)

Unless you are told otherwise, Move Buddies does not save payment information on file.

As you pack, stack your boxes in an orderly fashion as close to the door as possible. This will save time on the loading end.

Take apart your furniture prior to the move. We’re glad to do this for you, but it always saves time and money if you handle this yourself.

Create a load and unload plan prior to your move. That way, you can have a good idea of where you want things to go. This will save time on both the loading and unloading side.

Move your special handling items like TVs and large glass ahead of the move. Your team will spend a considerable amount of time making sure these things stay safe. Moving them ahead of time will save you time, as well as the cost of the supplies to protect these things.

No one can control the weather, but Move Buddies won’t let that stop your move.

We’ll bring out the protective gear needed to get you moved rain or shine. If the weather won’t allow for a safe project on move day, we’ll get you rescheduled to a better day at no penalty.

We sure do!

Need a lot? Go with one of our Pack Kits! We can arrange for pickup or delivery, and even offer professional packing help, whether it be packing the whole house or just a few rooms.

Need a little? We offer single item supplies for boxes, mattress bags, bubble wrap, and tons of other things!

Move Buddies will never sub-contract or broker out your project.

The only way to ensure the best service possible is to handle every aspect of your move in-house, from start to finish.